our upcycle process explained

We offer hand- and spay painted kitchens and kitchen equipment for every budget.

The vinyl that we us to cover is made by Tarkett, not only do we offer a wide range of colours but at Tarkett, people are firmly committed to moving from the historical linear economy, with its one-off use and disposal of resources, to a profitable circular economy model, giving way to infinite or repeated re-use of resources from the beginning to the end of use of products, just like we do with our American Kitchen by Raymond Loewy.

Upcycle Process

Sustainable Upcycling

By buying an American Kitchen by Raymond Loewy, you do not only buy an original timeless piece of design but you are also make an environmental statement by re-using, reducing and recycling materials already en vogue since the last Raymond Loewy kitchen came from the production line.


Sandblasting is the best method of removing rust and old layers of paint. In this way a bare foundation is created with a good anchor pattern for adhesion which by powder-coating offers yearlong protection from corrosion.

Powder Coatings – the Sustainable Choice

Many people will be well aware of the green credentials of metal, with its impressive recycling rates based on the fact that recycling takes only 5% of the energy of virgin metal production.  Fewer may be aware that the use of powder coatings on metal gives more than simply a limitless range of colour options but enhanced green credentials.


Beginning of life

The US ‘Whole Building Design Guide’ recommends ‘Powder coating is preferable to solvent based coating application systems.’

The electrostatic phenomenon through the positively charging of powder-paint atoms make sure that all of the edges and difficult to reach parts are also covered in powder.

The powder coating is sprayed onto the material and then heated to the core to max. 220 C.In this way a protective layer is created which offers optimum protection against external influences. A further positive aspect is the contribution to the environment because no evaporation of volatile materials takes place. Powder-coating is a clean, green and efficient technology in the field of coatings and gives in addition a good price/quality balance. Powder-coatings give a durable and aesthetically very beautiful finish. We can have any required RAL color applied.

Industrial spraying

The color possibilities of powder coating are restricted to RAL colors. If you would like another color then there is the possibility to have the kitchen industrially sprayed in which case the color possibilities are endless.